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We love seeing our clients succeed. Through our strategic marketing plans and implementation of marketing tactics, they’ve grown their businesses incredibly. Take a look at some of the companies we’ve been able to help grow their business. 

iDRY Systems

Problem: iDRY, a leading vacuum kiln manufacturer, was facing challenges with brand cohesion, a lack of a sales system, and unpredictable sales.

Solution: helped iDRY connect with their customers by leveraging user-generated content and creating a sales calendar. We also implemented a multi-channel lead generation strategy to grow their leads.

Result: With our help, iDRY grew their database from 700 to over 15,000, automated their sales systems, enabling them to hire a salesperson, doubled their sales two years in a row, and positioned themselves as the #1 vacuum drying company in the world.

Granberg International

Problem: Granberg International, a leading manufacturer of chainsaw mills and accessories, was facing challenges with reaching new customers and growing their business.

Solution: worked with Granberg International to develop and implement a multi-channel marketing and sales strategy, including targeted digital advertising and lead generation efforts.

Result: With our help, Granberg International saw a significant increase in leads and sales, establishing themselves as a leader in the chainsaw mill and accessory market. They were able to reach new customers, grow their business, and continue to provide high-quality products to their customers.

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